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Recipes for Breast Cancer Patients

Pink Ribbon Cooking | Recipes for Breast Cancer Patients | Chef Curtiss HemmWelcome to our kitchen.

I founded Pink Ribbon Cooking® after my wife, at age 32, was diagnosed with 3A breast cancer.  Like millions of others, we live with cancer.  In fact breast cancer has invited itself to dinner at our house more times than we care to have it.  

In those early years I saw a void in support for the dietary needs of people facing cancer.  

Pink Ribbon Cooking® helps cancer patients cope with the side effects of treatment and support them, and all touched by breast cancer, as they moved from patient to survivor and beyond.   

Sadly, there is no one food or food group that causes or cures cancer, maintaining a healthy weight, getting exercise and some minor lifestyle modfications can play a large role in putting you in optimum ccondition to fight off an initial cancer or prevent a recurrence.

Through our website, memberships and digital cookbooks cancer patients gain access to our fresh, simple and healthy recipes each month.  Our Cooking Academy will help you learn how to cook, or improve exisiting skills.  Membership also gives access to all our publications via the Member's Library.

While eating healthy and exercising is good for the body and mind, being part of a community is wonderful for the soul.  

We encourge members to share their inner foodie and engage one another.  All recipes can be commented on, members can talk directly with one another via our direct messaging platform and we love it when members share their own recipes.

Pink Ribbon Cooking® has efficiency in mind too.  Each recipe can be added to a shopping list that members have private access to.  Additionally Each of our recipes can be bookmarked for quick access via your profile.  In essence your profile becomes a virtual cookbook.

Please consider inlcuding Pink Ribbon Cooking® in your journey toward wellness.

"To Your Health!"

Curtiss Hemm
Founder | Pink Ribbon Cooking LLC

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