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Simple Holiday Tips That Can Keep You Healthy And Help Fight Breast Cancer

POSTED BY Pink Ribbon Cooking / November 30, 2013

Pink Ribbon Cooking

As a cook I find the holiday season to be one of my favorite times of the year. I enjoy preparing foods that encourage celebration, socialization and surprise.  The bounty of Thanksgiving, the classics of Christmas and the whimisical nature of New Year's Eve always excite my culinary senses.

This holiday season I am more mindfull of preparing healthier foods than I have in years past.  Like many of you I have worked hard to be healthier this year and I do not want to erode my progress.  

Here are some tips to make the holidays memorable, just not on your hips.

  • Everything in moderation ... little bits and little sips allow you to include all of the seasons festivities without guilt of over indulgence. 
  • Plan for the pleasure ... if you know you are going to an event that will have tempting food and beverages then allow the other meals of the day/week to help balance those calories out across your diet.
  • Be a designated driver ... eat your calories, don’t drink them.  By offering to be the driver for a couple of your holiday parties you can avoid many of the empty calories from alcohol.  Tis also allows you to do the following tip much easier the next morning.
  • Hit the road ... the holidays can be stressful, go for a walk, clear your head and reverse the calories.
  • Go for the bubbly ... adding sparkling water to an alcoholic beverage is a great way to cut out half the calories and add some appeal.  Try adding a spritz of club soda to a glass of pinot grigio, it is a mock proseco and it is more lively.  
  • Beware of the traps ... the calorie traps that is.  Cheese, crackers, cured meats, chips and dips are all sources of excessive calories.  By knowing where the empty calories are you can be cautious of having too many servings and save a lot of excess calories.
  • Be social ... talking during cocktail parties is a great way to avoid eating.  I use this trick at every party now, I just make sure I am not holding court next to the food table! 
  • Host the holiday party ... for some this will be the nuclear option, but by hosting a party you are allowed to choose what is served and the quality of the calories that are served.  

Pink Ribbon Cooking™ was recently featured on the University of Vermont Extension's Across the Fence program to share some healthy holiday tips.  We shared with Judy Simpson and the viewers an example of a healthy option that could easily be prepared and served at your own party, or even bring it as a contribution to a holiday potluck.  Take a look.

Click the picture for our Roasted Steelhead Trout Rillette Recipe
Roasted Steelhead Trout Rillette

As you can see from the video and the recipe a healthy option is just as accessible as an unhealthy one.  To be honest I have found that eating healthy is as easy as not, it just takes planning and a little proactive strategizing.

As this year comes to a cloase be sure to embrace the festive and joyous holiday season and make sure to keep your health in mind as you ring in the new year.