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Is Local Food More Nutritious?

POSTED BY Pink Ribbon Cooking / April 9, 2013

Pink Ribbon Cooking

Is Local Food More Nutritious?


I thought I would share Kathleen Frith’s 2007 Harvard School of Public Health piece, Is Local More Nutritious, that examines this issue and summarizes 4 favorable qualities to local food vs the large scale agriculture model we employ today.

As Frith points out in her piece, the criteria and growing practices of local producers vs large scale farming encourage flavor and nutrition over appearance.  That a beautiful red tomato in the grocery store might just be eye candy with no flavor, while a tomato at the farm stand is in fact full of flavor and the character of a tomato.

 IMG 9550.JPG

When I support local food at the farmer markets, the farm stands and through our CSA shares I know I am getting the freshest, most nutrient dense and best tasting foods that I have access to.  The minimized handling and time on shelf matter to our cellular bodies as much as to our taste buds. 

 Brussel sprouts 1.jpg 

At Pink Ribbon Cookingâ„¢ we openly say yes!  In fact we are unwavering in our insistence that local food is more nutrient dense and nutritious, better tasting, more economical all resulting in greater satisfaction. 


Take a look at the article and let us know what do you think?