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Making Resolutions Stick

POSTED BY Pink Ribbon Cooking / January 27, 2014

Pink Ribbon Cooking

Making Those Resolutions Stick

If you've made a new year resolution to eat healthier or to lose weight you're in good company.  Eating better and losing weight has always been one of the most popular resolutions.  It is also one of the least successful. That said there are there are a few strategies that you can use to help you stay on track.

First things first, recognizing and understanding why healthy eating resolutions fail is the first step toward supporting change.  The image below showcases many factors that influence our decision making process regarding food.

Challenges toEating Healthy

While this list covers many factors, it is not the end all be all list.  Every person has unique curcumstances that make up their environemental realities.  However, by better understanding factors that hinder change and how they influence behavior progress can be made toward creating strategies to limit their influence or remove them from the decision making process all together.

Below are some of the strategies we share to keep healthy cooking and eating as simple and accessible as possible. 

Strategies for Healthy Eating

Notice that the bottom of the list includes exercise.  Exercise is one of the best appetite surpresants on the market, and it is free.

Recently I joined Judy Simpson on the University of Vermont's Across the Fence program, the longest running dailly farm and home show in the country, to discuss the topic of keeping New Year's Resolutions and the above challenegs and strategies.  In the video we showcase a simple three course menu that is simple to prepare and includes many beneficial foods and cooking techniques.

Good luck on keeping the New Year's resoultions and I hope that you picked up some great cooking technique advice from the video.