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The Pink of October

POSTED BY Pink Ribbon Cooking / October 13, 2014

Pink Ribbon Cooking

It is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  With the certainty of leaves falling we cannot hide form the pink of October. 

Disturbingly I just read two very negative essays about the excess hype this month gets compared to other health concerns. 

It is not hard to see how advocates for various other cancers, chronic illnesses and other health impairments can be discouraged during the barrage of pink this month. Pink is everywhere. 

Pink Ribbon

That being said the pink is the growth and result of many caring individuals, organizations and companies that have worked to bring breast cancer to the attention of the public. 

The positive effects of these efforts are shown in the increased diagnosis of early stage breast cancer in our country, even world wide. Allowing women and men a greater chance of beating their cancer and continuing on with their life.

Having the dialog focus on awareness is critical for generational changes.

the level of public awareness is questionable: consciousness, recognition, realization; understanding, grasp, appreciation, knowledge, insight; familiarity; informal light-bulb moment; formal cognizance. 

Asking people to check body parts and private personal areas is a big ask. It makes many people uncomfortable. That said the more we hear about this the more comfortable and socially normal the ask becomes. 

The more we talk about something the more desensitized we are to the awkwardness of the conversation. Many cancers can be beaten or managed better if found early.   These public campaigns of awareness of breast cancer and pinked out brands each contribute to the collective awareness conversation.

Yes I think there is exploitation of pink. Yes it is a long month. Yes there are other just as worthy causes and cancers. Yes more needs to go to research causes. Yes more needs to go to terminal cancers. All that is recognized and I would gladly throw myself and my company in the ring where we fit.

I simply ask those with the power of the pen to build rather than tear down. Words are powerful and negativity is so very viral in these arenas. Why set words to destroy a successful public health movement?

I know that in 2005 my wife had cancer at age 33 and now in 2014 at age 43 she does not. 


This October we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.  For that I appreciate pink as the symbol that others cared enough to be vocal, to advocate and to raise awareness. Those efforts pushed for progress, pushed for comprehensive care, treatment and coverage.

It is my turn now.