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Breast Cancer Prevention: Reducing Your Risk of a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

POSTED BY Pink Ribbon Cooking / July 23, 2014

While there is no way surefire way to prevent breast cancer, there are many steps you can take to lessen your chances and put your body in the best position to avoid cancer.

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Phytoestrogens and Breast Cancer

POSTED BY Pink Ribbon Cooking / May 27, 2014

Phytoestrogens, a group of food-based compounds commonly associated with soy products and available in oral supplements, are connected with a wide range of health benefits, including lowered risks of breast cancer, heart disease, and symptoms of menopause. Some research indicates potential downsides to the introduction of phytoestrogens to a diet when taken in supplement form – none of which are currently regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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