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Pink Ribbon Cooking Pink Ribbon Cooking Pink Ribbon Cooking

A Pink Ribbon Diet

POSTED BY Pink Ribbon Cooking / October 29, 2013

The best kind of diet is not a diet.  That's right, diets are not permanent solutions.  At least not fads and diets-of-the-day eating trends.  

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A Letter from Bridget (8 year breast cancer survivor)

POSTED BY Pink Ribbon Cooking / October 5, 2013

When we launched Pink Ribbon Cooking I asked Bridget to express herself to those that are newly diagnosed.  I wanted her to capture her strength and authenticity about her journey with Breast Cancer and to help others see the light at the end of that very dark tunnel.  This letter is her welcome to all those in the Cancer Club.

"Cancer ... Do I want it, NO.  Did I take from it, Yes!  It taught me to see my own strength.  It allowed me to see who my true friends are and gave me new ones whom I may never have met.  It gave me a new appreciation for love, life, family and friends."  Bridget Hemm

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Ten Years and Ten More Birthdays: Building a Cancer Support Community

POSTED BY Pink Ribbon Cooking / September 27, 2013

Amy Deavitt, Distinguished Giving Executive with the American Cancer Society of Vermont knows first hand the impact cancer can have on a person.  It has been ten years since those words, "You have Cancer" were spoken to her.  Amy shares her cancer journey with us and demonstrates how beutiful life can be when you are living with breast cancer.

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Growing a Cancer Support Community: My Journey with Cancers

POSTED BY Pink Ribbon Cooking / September 19, 2013

The cancer diagnosis came the day before Thanksgiving.  I was 42 years old. I had lymphoma.  I told my doctor that I had the pies in my car and I was heading to New Hampshire to be with my family. Life has a way of turning us upside down.

I was in the prime of my life, building my own business, working 80 hours a week, raising two teen age children with a husband who traveled for work.  Life was grand! I went to the hospital because I had a nose bleed that wouldn’t quit.  When they told me they would have to cauterize the inside of my nose I said “no thank you” and left with the promise that I would follow up with my primary care. As many of you know, that is when the ball started rolling. One doctor’s appointment lead to a billion tests and more doctor appointments.

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Guest Appearance on TREATMENT SOS with Joni Aldrich on Cancer Support Network

POSTED BY Pink Ribbon Cooking / July 5, 2013

Join us as we are doing a guest appearance on TREATMENT SOS with show host and author Joni Aldrich (www.jonialdrich.com) on Thursday, July 25th, 2:00-2:50 p.m. EST www.W4WN.com (Women 4 Women Network) and www.W4CS.com (Cancer Support Network). No downloads or Apps needed to listen. Treatment decisions are absolutely critical! These include setting goals for treatment and proactive next steps after diagnosis. (If you miss it, catch the rebroadcast on the Sat. after the show at 5:00 p.m. EST on both networks.)

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