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Pink Ribbon Cooking

Mouth Sores & Sore Throat

Sores in the mouth and throat are not unusual among people undergoing cancer treatments of all sorts, and are chiefly the result of low white blood cell counts. Thankfully there are many things that we can do to minimize the discomfort associated with these sores.

When considering how diet affects mouth and throat sores consider the following:

• Avoid alcohol, caffeine and foods that are rich in vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

• Avoid acidic, tart and salty foods. These can irritate the sore and make the discomfort worse. Now is not the time to try the three-chili pad thai!

• Consume foods at room temperature or select cold dishes, like salads and sandwiches.

• Food texture is critical. Focus on preparing foods with a softer texture. Risotto, polenta, yogurt and pureed soups are excellent options.

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