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Pink Ribbon Cooking

Breast Cancer Information

This page provides links to essential information and is meant to be a ready resource for the newly diagnosed cancer patient, a dynamic bibliography for survivors and an invaluable referrence page for the friends and family that support each you along your journey through survivorship.

Please bookmark this page and come to it as often as you like, share it with your family and friends, it is free.  It is designed to be a resource for our everone living in our pink world.  

Pink Ribbon Cooking is an open community so please feel free to send along resources that you may have and we will build this library.

Breast Cancer Links

American Cancer Society

Hope Lodge

Cancer Patient Support Program


National Cancer Institute

Mayo Clinic

Dr. Susan Love

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Dana Farber 

Beyond the Shock

Vermonters Taking Action Against Cancer

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Young Survival Coalition


Vermont Cancer Survivor Network

Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program

Over the years Bridget and I have become transparent about her cancer.  We openly share our story and actively listen when people share their own.  In that spirit I asked Bridget to write a letter to those that are newly diagnosed.  We both remember the feelings and emotions that swept us during this difficult time but,  we also know how much we learned from it, grew to rely on one another like never before and realized that life must go on.

I think Bridget best sums it up in this letter.  

Please Read it.

Welcome to the Cancer Club!